Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

1. ALWAYS prime the skin Your wedding makeup is a look you’ll likely wear for 12+ hours. Primer works by creating an invisible veil over the skin; a perfect canvas for your makeup to adhere to. It will also help diffuse light across your face making any imperfections a little less noticeable.
2. Choose silicone based foundation Plain and simple, water based foundations will run if those tears break free. The silicone is resistant to heat and water (read: HOT summer weddings!) To stay streak free and fresh all day, this little ingredient make a world of a difference.
3. “HD”= flawless No, this is not just a hyped up term in makeup. HD (or high definition) products make such an amazing difference on the skin both in person as well as on camera. The technology here is down on the molecular level. The pigments are all perfectly spherical which layer over the skin uniformly creating a perfect little pattern. The light can then reflect more evenly giving you a more flawless look. Truly, technology in the beauty industry at it’s best…take full advantage of that!
4. Groom gets the gloss The only thing you should have to touch up at all on your wedding day should be your lip gloss, usually a result from smooching! It only makes sense to put your groom on gloss duty as you’ll be in close proximity to him the entire day and he almost always has pockets.
5. Think classic Trends are well, trendy. Remember Aunt Bea’s poufy-sleeved wedding dress and head veil from the 80’s that screams “80’s wedding?” Your makeup shouldn’t date you when you look back at your wedding pictures in 10 years. Choose classic color palettes and stay away from the trends of the moment. You’ll appreciate this is 10 years!

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