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Age Appropiate Makeup for Teenagers

Little girls love playing dress-up with fancy clothes and sorting through mom's stash of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. But what happens when they get a little older and that desire to experiment increases? They want to find their distinct look, but still look like the rest of the crowd.

To help tweens and teens learn about age-appropriate makeup and good skin care, expert skin specialists and makeup artists say girls shouldn't get all of their information from television or peers. Parents should be involved. Sit with your daughter and look at magazines. Talk with her about the girls in the photos and which ones are wearing makeup that seems appropriate and not overdone. Listen, communicate and then find a professional to teach her makeup and skincare lessons that can help her feel confident and pretty.

Your daughter (or niece or granddaughter) is starting to ask if she can wear makeup because ALL the girls in her class are wearing.  How in the world do you teach her how to wear it and not look like a drag queen.

Most of us do not have the opportunity to have someone teach us about how to wear makeup.
If we were lucky we had a mom or aunt or older sister that were skilled in makeup application and took the time to sit down with us and show us the ins and outs of makeup.  If we didn’t the odds are we learned from our girlfriend who learned from their girlfriend.  None of which knew a darn thing about the right way to wear makeup.

By allowing younger girls to wear light lip-gloss and a lightly tinted moisturizer, a lot of the squabbling can be avoided. If they're staying home and having friends over, a little sparkle on the eyes and other fun makeup is fine. They just want to have fun

Remember to first talk about the importance of skin care prior to letting her wear makeup. If a teenager is not responsible enough to get into the habit of washing her face daily then she should not be allowed to wear makeup. Skincare is very important to maintain healthy skin.

Teen Cosmetics for Age Twelve

First, do not pressure her to wear makeup. Not all girls are interested in cosmetics at this age. Begin by asking her what her interest in makeup is and how much makeup teens are wearing in her school. If she is interested in starting to wear makeup, decide how much is enough and what is appropriate.

The main thing to remember is that girls should look their age. A twelve-year-old entering the sixth or seventh grade should look just that. Makeup for teens at this age should be simple, light items that add very little color to the face. Cosmetics should bring focus to the natural beauty, not overpower her young features. Lip-gloss and some pale eye shadows is all she should wear during the daytime. If she wants to experiment with other cosmetics and learn application, let her practice at home.

Cosmetics for Teens at Age Thirteen

At thirteen it might be necessary to let her start wearing foundation if acne is becoming a problem. Let her practice at home for several days before letting her wear foundation in public. Foundations are tricky cosmetics for teens to learn to apply correctly.

The color of foundation should always match 100% to her skin tone.  There should NEVER be a noticeable difference in where she did and did not apply foundation.  A perfect match will blend perfectly into your skin and will become invisible.

Hygiene is very important and teaching them how to keep their makeup brushes clean is very important as well.  Teaching them basics such as washing their face every night and removing all their makeup IS very important.

Thirteen is also an appropriate time to let her wear mascara and natural shades of eye shadows. The mascara should be brown or black/brown in color to keep it more natural looking.

The purpose of eye liner is to define your eyes AND to help to make your eyelashes appear longer. NO HEAVY BLACK eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines.  It only makes small eyes look smaller and does nothing for that clean beautiful natural makeup look.  Only a small majority of women actually look good with that look and if I were guessing I would say your teenage daughter is not one of them!

Teen Cosmetics for Age Fourteen and Older

At fourteen most girls are now entering high school and appearance will be even more important at this time. This is the age when most teenagers will begin wearing a lot of makeup. During the day it is important for teens to keep cosmetics natural and clean. But at night as teenager’s start going out with friends or on dates it will be more fun to add extra spice to their look. This is a great time to play with different, brighter shades of eye shadows and try darker colors in eyeliners. NO BLACK eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines.  It only makes small eyes look smaller and does nothing for that clean beautiful natural makeup look.

Teen cosmetics should be fun and playful but always age appropriate.

I love to teach girls about skin care and the appropriate types of starter makeup for their tender, delicate skin and eyes. I will not make your girls look like clowns. It is the ethic of the industry. I teach girls and adults how to love what they see in the mirror instead of hiding what they see. I want to accentuate the beauty, not cover it up."

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If you and your daughter want more information, here are just a few of the books available that give step-by-step instruction and explanation of makeup for teens. All can be found online and in larger retail bookstores.

"Teen Makeup: Looks to Match Your Every Move"

By Linda Mason

"Teen Beauty Secrets: Fresh, Simple, Sassy Tips for Your Perfect Look"

By Diane Irons

"Beauty Trix for Cool Chix: Easy-to-Make Lotions, Potions and Spells to Bring Out a Beautiful You"

By Caroline Naylor

"Beauty Rules"

By Bobbi Brown¨


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