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Beauty 101 Concealer

Steps to hiding circles and spots.

Concealer looks best when it's not undetectable.  To find the perfect match its best to buy one color for you summer skin color and one for your winter skin color.  If needed you can always blend the two colors together for the in between color tones for the rest of the year.  Undertones of skin vary so its best to have a professional makeup artist help you pick your shades.  General rules are that you will want a yellow-tone concealer if your dark circles have a blue cast, a peachy one if your circles have a brown or yellowish tint, and a tone that matches your skin exactly to ride redness.  Color isn't the only thing to consider when picking a concealer.  Creamy formulas are best for dry skin around the eyes.  More opaque ones are ideal for blemishes, and sheer liquid formulas brighten a little.  Application can be with a finger tip or a sponge although I prefer a concealer brush with a flat, round head.  It's easier to reach the corners around the nose and the inner corners of the eyes.  I always apply concealer AFTER foundation because you can generally soften areas you want to conceal with foundation then go in after and add your concealer.  Its better to start with a light hand and layer more in areas that need more help.  Then blend and blend some more.  You want it to look natural and invisible.

Secret tip...most people don't know this but green concealer does combat red areas on your skin...Yes I said green.  Trust me it works!  Of course you need to really blend it well to make it look natural and you may even want to apply a bit of your foundation over areas you have used the green concealer on.  If you want to test this on your skin buy a tube of Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick at your local drug store and give it a try.

Another tip....if you have wrinkles under the eyes after you have applied the concealer under the eyes let it set a bit (a few minutes) then take your ring finger and gently blend it again under the eyes where the concealer has set into the wrinkles.

Another tip....apply your foundation and concealer from under the eyes down AFTER you have applied your eye makeup and cleaned up any fall out under the eyes....ESPECIALLY if you have circles under your eyes.

Concealers that I have used and LOVE: 










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