Sunday, February 27, 2011

Department Store vs. Drugstore Makeup: When Should You Splurge?

I’ll let you in on a secret of the cosmetics industry: many drugstore products are made by the exact same manufacturers, in the same factories, as high-priced department store brands. Much of what you pay for at department stores is the fancy packaging, slick magazine ads, and the salary of the salesperson standing behind the counter. These days, there are wonderful products at all price points. However, there are certain products that are worth splurging on.

Foundation and Powder:  For your makeup to look great, you need to start with clear, glowing skin. So it’s worth it to spend some extra dollars on the right base. Whether you wear tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation or pressed powder, you need to find the right color, or else you’ll look like you’re wearing a mask. Department stores tend to have a larger selection of colors, they usually have testers, and there are makeup artists on hand to help you choose the right formula and color. Since you’ll have different tools at your disposal, you can also figure out which works best: using a brush, sponge, or your fingers. My favorites:  Prescriptives (for golden/olive complexions), Laura Mercier (for fair/pinker complexions), and Bobbi Brown (tinted moisturizer).

Concealer:  Most of us have at least one spot/blemish/dark circle we’d like to cover up, and bad concealer will only bring attention to what we’re trying to hide. As with foundation, department stores have a wider selection of colors. Also, with concealer, it’s important to try different textures to find out what works on your skin. Liquid concealers that come with a wand or pen are best for light discolorations. Darker spots may require a heavier stick concealer. Creamy concealers are best for dry or delicate skin. You should also try dabbing concealer on with a brush instead. using your fingers. I’m obsessed with Cle de Peau Concealer (very pricey but a tube will last all year) although many of my patients swear by Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.

Blush: It’s so important to find the right blush, so you don’t look clownish. And remember that the “right” color for you may change from summer to winter. The more finely milled a powder is, the more expensive it gets, but this is what guarantees sheer, smooth coverage that you can build up as needed. Some cheaper drugstore powders can crumble, clump, and streak. If you do find a drugstore blush you like, invest in a good blush brush so you can get natural coverage and not end up painting streaks of blush across your cheeks with the two-inch brush that comes in the package.  At the department store, you can also experiment with gel, liquid, cream, and stick blushes, which may work better for you than powder. 
I love Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge!!!!

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  1. I support my own brand now, but I will splurge on a MAC product too.