Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

An important thing to remember when considering make up tips for brown eyes is that lighter colored eye shadows will bring out brown eyes more, while darker colored eye shadows will make the eyes look smaller. Darker colors, however, can also add a dramatic, smoky tone to the eyes. Dark eyeliners, for example, combined with a lighter eye shadow, such as pale pink or bronze will emphasize brown eyes, especially when paired with generous amounts of dark mascara. To further make brown eyes stand out, applying touches of gold eye shadow will really play them up. Glittery eyeshadow will bring out the richness of brown eyes, when applied generously to the eyelid, and extending slightly at the sides. The further the eyeshadow extends outward, the lighter it should be. In addition, mascara should be applied in multiple coats, and allowed to dry in between coats. This is so that eyelashes do not become clumped together. The more coats that are correctly applied, the thicker and richer the eyelashes will look, drawing more attention to the eyes. In addition, since brown eyes benefit from all the attention they can get, it important to curl the eyelashes before and after applying mascara to open and bring focus to the eyes. Also, subtly smudging the eyeshadow will give the eyes an extra note of mystery, while not making them look too overdone.

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