Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is an alternative option to traditional cosmetics. Pure mineral cosmetics do not contain chemicals, additives, dyes or fragrances. Mineral makeup offers protection from free radicals but still allows your skin to breathe.

With mineral makeup foundation, you can apply the powder dry or add water to create a liquid foundation. To apply dry mineral makeup, tap a little bit of powder into the lid of the container. Swirl your brush into the powder. Tap the brush on the container to get rid of any excess.

An important piece of makeup advice is that when applying mineral makeup, it's important not to use too much. The pigment in mineral makeup is very concentrated therefore a little goes a long way. In a circular motion, swirl the powder onto your skin. Start at your hairline and your jaw line, working your way into the middle of your face, and finish with your nose. If you have any area that needs extra coverage, use a smaller brush to apply a more concentrated amount into the particular spot on your face.

To use the mineral makeup as a liquid, tap a little of the powder into a small container. Add just a bit of water and use a small makeup brush to mix the powder into the right consistency. Use a makeup sponge to apply the product to your face by dabbing it onto your skin.

The key for a flawless finish with mineral makeup is to apply it in light layers. Using too much will make your skin look cakey. After you are satisfied with the coverage on your face, you can begin applying your eye makeup and the rest of your cosmetics. offers mineral makeup from top name brands such as Alison Raffaele, Avanya and many others.

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