Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Makeup Workshop-Everyday Beauty

Well you just signed up for the basic makeup workshop "Everyday Beauty" at my makeup studio!
I have gotten questions about what to expect at the workshop so here is a detailed blog about what happens at the workshop.

First of all when you sign up I ask you to send me two pictures, one with no makeup on and the second picture of you with makeup on..

When you come to the workshop I ask you to come wearing makeup the way you would normally wear it.
I need to see your skill level and what areas you need help with. The goal of the workshop is to teach you how to correctly apply makeup to enhance your best features and downplay the flaws.

I take a picture of you at my studio with your makeup on and then after removing the makeup I take another picture and then the third picture I take will be after we have applied your makeup to best enhance your features.

After pictures are taken and the makeup is off we will determine your skin tone and analyze your facial features.  The reason we do this so that you understand more about your features and how to use corrective makeup techniques to make the very best of your features.

After we have analyzed your skin tone and facial features we do a foundation matching test so you can wear a foundation that is perfectly matched and suited to your skin!

The next part of the workshop I will apply makeup to 1/2 of your face, using techniques to enhance the best features and play down the less desirable ones.  While I am doing this, I am talking to you about what I am doing, how and why! I guide you thru  you applying makeup to the other half of your face so that you are able to learn what you need to do to make the best of your features and enhance them.

When we are done with your makeup application you have a better understanding of how to apply makeup correctly for your face.

You also learn what products and colors are best suited for you and what products are worth spending more money on and what drug store brands will do the trick and be more economical.

Read what others are saying about the "Everyday Beauty Makeup Workshop"

Jannen G. from Brownstown, MI "I was extremely satisfied with the "Everyday Beauty" workshop.  I feel confident that I can now create a more natural but finished look". 

Janelle L. from Lapeer, MI. "This course was immensely  helpful in helping me to understand my specific facial features and how to accent them!" 

Andrea H. from Lincoln Park "Lynn was amazing!  Extremely knowledgeable about everything!  Gave amazing advice and technique tips.  I will definitely be back to take another class"  

Laura P. from Warren, MI “Lynn is very knowledgeable about Makeup and how to apply it.  She has a great personality and easy to work with”

Cindy K. from Warren, MI “The Everyday Beauty Workshop was a very relaxing time, very enjoyable and very informative and helpful. I learned a lot about makeup application and how to improve on my makeup application and how to change some of my application techniques to accent my best features”

Sign up today for the next scheduled "Everyday Beauty Makeup Workshop: and be the VERY best version of you that you can be!!! 

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